Term 3 - July 12th - September 19th

Option 1: Online classes only - Book here online.

Option 2: Face to face classes (please contact us to book. (limited space)

Option 3. Face to face and online. Please contact me to book, (limited space.

More details on ABOUT page.

Mens Yoga with Darren in Newport - Book Below

Yoga classes

What's the cost?

Full term 

60min classes - $18 per week upfront

(access to 4 zoom classes a week)

Casual classes 

60min $10

One on one

Private yoga lessons

45min - $65

60 min - $80 (2 or more per week - $75) 

75min - $100

Online private - $50

Call to enquire about private group sessions

Why practice yoga?

There are endless benefits of practicing yoga but here are a few

Improves flexibility

Builds muscle & bone strength

Increases concentration & focus

Relaxes your central nervous system

Releases muscle tension

Prevents and helps IBS & other digestive problems

Calms the mind

Increases self-esteem and confidence

Build's self-awareness

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

Meet like minded people in the local community

What will I need?

A yoga mat/towel or carpeted area.

A glass or bottle of water nearby.

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in.

Optional: Light up candles, aromatherapy to make space more relaxing. Relaxing music.

New to yoga?

Click the image below to find out

what to expect in class

What to expect when you first start practicing yoga

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