8 Benefits of regular Massage

June 15, 2017



1. Improves posture by stretching & releasing tension - Muscles around the spine, chest, neck & hips become more flexible which allows them to stop pulling you into incorrect postural positions.


2. Promotes blood circulation which helps your muscles heal & recover quicker.


3. Joint flexibility increases, improving your range of movement.


4. Calms the mind & relaxes the body, reducing stress, anxiety & depression. Improves quality of sleep.


5. Decreases inflammation, eliminating pain & increasing range of movement.


6. Reduces aches & pain.


7. Relieves head-aches & migraines, by promoting blood flow & oxygen to the head, releasing tension in the neck, head, shoulders, jaw & face.


8. My most favourite – reduces the amount of un-natural, harmful painkillers you might normally have to take. #naturalmedicine


What benefits have you gained from massage? Do you regularly have them?


Comment bellow :)

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