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What are chakras and how can we balance them with yoga?

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers that we all have in our bodies.

We have 7 charkas that run along our spine. All of the chakras hold certain emotions or ‘energy’ and are responsible for how we feel. If one or more of those chakras are blocked we can feel unbalanced in the areas that those chakras are responsible for.

The 1st chakra is located at the base of the spine and is called the ‘root chakra’.

It is red in color and is responsible for our feelings of survival and belonging. When out of balance you can become needy, fearful, have low self-esteem or self-destructive behaviors.

The 2nd chakra is located in the center of the lower belly, beneath the belly button in the pelvic area. It is called the ‘sacral chakra’. It’s color is orange. The sacral chakra corresponds with our reproductive and sexual organs and represents fluidity, creativity, sensuality, and fertility.

When out of balance you might feel emotionally unstable, guilty, and hard on yourself. When in balance you feel more creative, positive, receptive to change, and allows you to experience intimacy and love freely and fully and to live your authentic self without fear.

The 3rd chakra is located at the stomach, just below the center of the rib cage. It is called the ‘solar plexus’ and is yellow in color.

The solar plexus is responsible for feelings of personal power, self-esteem and confidence. When blocked you may experience a lack of courage, an inability to set boundaries, depressions/anxiety, co-dependency and addiction.

The 4th chakra is located behind the sternum between the chest, it is called the ‘heart chakra’ and is green in color.

It is responsible for feelings of love, sadness, grief, anger, connection and our ability to give and receive love unconditionally and without fear.

When out of balance you might feel loneliness, shyness, jealousy, experience social anxiety, hold grudges or have a fear of loving or being loved.

The 5th chakra is located in the throat and is called the ‘throat chakra’. It is blue in color and is responsible for our ability to communicate and express our selves and our truth freely and without fear.

When out of balance we tend to hold things in and become fearful of what others might think or how they might react. We may also communicate in unclear, aggressive or unloving ways.

The 6th chakra is located between the eye brows and is called the ‘third eye’.

It is indigo in color and is responsible for your intuition. When blocked you become closed minded & too attached to logic. You start to doubt your gut instincts and block out spiritual wisdom and insight.

The last and 7th chakra is called the 'crown chakra', it sits outside of the body above the crown of the head in our energy field. It is violet or white in color and helps you to understand who you are beyond your physical self, that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. When blocked you think that happiness can only come from the outside world and you begin to suffer.

How can we clear and unblock our chakras?

Generally our chakras become blocked or out of balance when we experience traumatic or negative things. Unfortunately this can happen to us as human beings fairly regularly.

Luckily for us there are many ways that we can clear our chakras.

Below I am going to list a few different ways that you can clear them and then show you a yoga pose for each charka that can help bring it back to balance.

1. Chakra clearing meditations – there are many meditations that you can find on you tube or can that can be purchased that will guide you through clearing your own chakras.

Below is a link to one of my favorite mediations via

2. Reiki – reiki is a spiritual & energetic healing that helps to clear negative emotions from your chakras and body (if you are interested in this, I am qualified in reiki healing and can help you with this)

3. Earthing – have you heard of this before? It’s when you go outside and walk on grass, soil, sand or the ‘earth’ barefoot’. The earth has some seriously grounding and healing energy and is great for clearing your chakras.

4. Swimming in the ocean!

5. There are also different crystals and essential oils that can help protect and heal chakras. Creations with flair make chakra bracelets with quality crystals that can help keep your chakras aligned. Not only that, essential oils can be added to the lava stones on the bracelets!​

How can yoga help?

In yoga there are a lot of different movements and poses also called ‘asanas’ that you can do to help move the blocked energy from certain chakras. Below is one pose that you can do at home for each chakra.

1st chakra - Root chakra

Asana: Tree pose

Tree pose is a great, grounding pose that really connects you to the earth. Allow gravity to root you down while you imagine the earth’s energy flow up through your spine.

Tips for tree pose:

  • Soft unlocked knees

  • Notice all corners of your foot pressed to the ground and focus on something that is still in front of you.

  • Strong engaged upper body

  • Avoid placing the foot of your bent leg on your knee. Aim for below or over the knee.

  • Take 5 focused and deep breathes on each side.

2nd chakra – Sacral chakra

Asana: Bound angle pose.

This pose is great for opening the hips and releasing tension from the pelvic region. Bring your feet together open up the knees and hold for 5-10 breaths, then bow your upper body forward, aim your forehead to your feet and again take 5-10 breaths.

3rd chakra – Solar plexus

Asana: Boat pose

This pose activates the abdominal muscles and connects us to our centre.

Keep your spine nice and long, chest open and arms straight. Bend your legs for an easier option. Take 5 breaths and repeat 3-5 times.

4th chakra – Heart chakra

Asana: Camel pose.

Camel pose is a wonderful heart and chest opener. There are a few different options to take, so choose what’s best for you and gradually work your way to the full posture.

Tips for camel pose:

Option 1: Kneel with your knees hip width apart, bring your hands to your lower back and push your hips forward.

Option 2: kneel with knees hip width apart, open your chest, roll your shoulders and head back and bring your hands to prayer at heart centre.

Option 3: Take full posture as shown in picture. You can also come up onto your tipped toes to start off with so your heels aren't as far away.

  • As you inhale roll your shoulders back and open the heart space.

  • Activate your core to pull your self out of it and come straight into a childs pose.

  • Bring your awareness and breath to your heart space, have the intention to clear any blocked energy from this space.

  • Hold for 5 breaths.

5th Chakra – Throat chakra

Asana: Shoulder stand.

Lie back with bent legs, rock your hips and knees forward and place your hands on your lower back. Slowly walk your hands up your back and lengthen one leg at a time up towards the roof.

Hold for 5-10 breaths.

When you’re ready, gently roll the body back down vertebrae by vertebrae.

6th Chakra – Third eye

Asana: Childs pose.

Child’s pose connects your forehead to the earth, stimulating our center of intuition.

Feel free to take your preferred child’s pose with knees apart or together, and arms extended above your head or relaxed behind you.

As you rest your forehead onto the floor bring your awareness to your third eye and take 10 deep breaths.

7th Chakra – Crown chakra

Asana: Savasana

Who doesn’t love savasana?

Lie back on a flat surface comfortably, maybe pop a warm blanket over you or pop a pillow under your knees. Place your arms by your side palms facing up. Allow your feet to hang loose and consciously relax every single muscle.

Imagine a bright white or purple ball of light just above the crown of your head. With each inhale imagine white divine light pouring into this ball of light clearing any stuck, dense energies. You can stay here for anywhere between 5-20min.

To come out of savasana slowly start to bring your awareness back to your breath, gently wriggle your fingers and toes. Roll your body over to the right side into a fetal position to awaken the mind, and then slowly sit yourself up. Take a few deep conscious breaths seated up before standing up.

Thanks for reading beautiful ones, if you have any questions feel free to contact me via my website.

* Yoga classes for beginners are offered at Whispa Wellness and has been reviewed as the best yoga in Sunshine.

I would love to hear your comments below!

Namaste – Lisa

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