Yoga For Anxiety

June 20, 2019

Let’s face it most of us at some point in our lives, if not most of our lives suffer from some sort of anxiety.


I definitely know I do… number one procrastinator - yes procrastinating can be a form of anxiety.


What is anxiety?


A brief and general explanation of anxiety is the constant feelings of worry, fear, nervousness and panic.

These feelings or emotions can affect how we behave, our sleep, appetite, focus and overall well-being.

Severe anxiety can have a major impact on our everyday lives.


So how can yoga help?


Yoga is a practice that allows us to consciously breath and move, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms down and relaxes the body and the mind.

During yoga the body releases tension in our muscles and endorphins also known as ‘happy hormones’ YaY! It gives us the opportunity to focus all of our attention on our breath, which brings us into the present moment.

When practicing yoga asanas or ‘yoga poses’ and pranayama ‘breathing exercises’ we are taught to take notice of where the mind travels to and to bring your awareness back to your breath and body, learning how to observe what is happening in your body and mind and then consciously bringing your attention back to your breath over time will become habitual and you can use these tools in your every day life to stay present, focused and worry free.


Different yoga poses release different areas of tension in your body, for example stretching the neck and shoulders will release tension in these areas. Doing poses that open and release hip tension are a great way of letting go of negative emotions in your body… did you know that we hold emotions in our hips?

I think that one is for another blog, but it sure is common that students have a little cry when holding postures that release tension in the hips. What a beautiful way to heal our bodies!


Check out my Instagram account to find my favourite yoga poses to help relieve stress & anxiety  -


If you are interested in trying yoga and would love to attend one of my classes please visit my website to get in touch.




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