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Why Mum’s & Bubs yoga classes can be so beneficial to you & your baby.

Getting your body back to ‘normal’ is different for each mum. Every BODY is different and healing happens slowly and at a different pace for every one.

Before you start exercising you should get the all clear from your doctor first, and wait up to 6 weeks after giving birth if you have had a natural birth, 8 weeks if you have had a c-section to slowly start bringing back in some gentle exercises.

In my Mums and Bubs yoga classes I have created a beautiful and safe space for like-minded mums to come together, connect and begin to slowly strengthen and stretch their stiff and achy bodies.

You will learn various mindfulness techniques, and have a full hour dedicated to bonding with your baby and looking after yourself again at the same time.

We begin the class off with a small mediation where you learn to breath and connect with your baby and to calm your mind and nervous system. You may notice your baby begin to relax as you begin to relax.

We settle babies down with a 10 minute massage that you can then give to your babies at home if you like. These massages are a wonderful way to connect with your baby through loving touch and eye contact; they also stimulate digestion, relieve stomach pains, and are super calming for your baby.

Then the yoga beings. Our classes are super interactive with baby, or sometimes not if bub decides to take a snooze which happens fairly often in our relaxing room.

You will be taken through gentle stretches and strengthening exercises to help your body slowly and safely get back to feeling back to it's old self again.

Class finishes off with a relaxing foot massage for each mum just for a bit of icing on the cake. And god knows you all deserve it!

Each class will be different each week depending on your baby’s mood. Some weeks you may squeeze in a lot of exercise and other weeks you may not, and that’s okay. If you squeeze in 10minutes you are winning. This space is created for mums to support each other and feel comfortable if their babies are unsettled. Mums are welcome to feed and nurse their babies in class, and we have space for nappy changing as well. It is not required but would be handy for you to bring a baby blanket and a soft toy to keep baby occupied when it's needed.


"I have been attending mums and bubs yoga classes run by Lisa for several weeks now. Not having done yoga before I found it a fun way to ease back into some exercise after having my second baby. Lisa is a professional, very helpful and patient teacher. She is also excellent with the babies making it a fun and restorative class for both Mum and baby even when the little one may be playing up :) Just wish I had the time to do it more often. There should be more classes like it and more teachers like Lisa." - Kat Menta

Whispa Wellness also offers a range of other beginner yoga classes, and has a small team of massage therapists available at their small studio in Sunshine/Newport or they are able to come a treat you in the comfort of your own cosy home! How handy is that for a new mamma?

To book your yoga class head on over to the link below:

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