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Self reflection

There are days when I love to inspire and there are days when I need to be inspired. Today is one of those days.

Running my own business is honestly the best thing in the world, I couldn't imagine my life any other way. But it does take a lot of self motivation, self inspiration and consistency in being true to 'who I am'. I have found it so difficult the past few months to live my life the way I try to inspire others to. It's so easy to get caught up in your own self-sabotage and procrastinate, or find reasons and excuses to not do the things you say you are going to do.

My ideal way of living is 100% balanced. Making time to do all of the things I love, and look after myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Spending time with the people I love, with my self, exercising, eating well, travelling & enjoying all of the beautiful things life has to offer, as well as running my business successfully and setting and achieving all of the goals I set out to do.

I just read a great book called 'Your Beautiful Business' (which you can download for free online) and it's just made me realise that the reason I haven't been doing all of these self care things I set my mind to do, is because I haven't actually put it in my schedule. For example meditate or exercise, I just think to myself that I'll do it when I have a spare hour or two, and then when the spare hour comes up, I am not mentally prepared or inspired to do the activity so I just talk myself out of it or procrastinate till the time passes :/ How unproductive! But we all do it at some point in our lives, if not all the time!

So thank you to the wonderful author Emma Franklin for the seriously great realisation, as I am feeling more inspired then I have in a while.

My goal from now on is to completely organise my days, schedule in all of my work, my clients ANDDD my ME time... and how silly that that I hadn't realised this before considering I tell my clients to schedule appointments in with themselves all the time! (rolls eyes back)

Are you making time for yourself?

Do you do the things you love often?

Are you always in a hurry?

Leave your comments below :)

Lots of love and beautiful vibes - Whispa Wellness

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