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Why I became a yoga instructor

To be honest when I first started yoga, I didn’t know too much about it, I found it slightly boring, way to slow compared to what I'm usually used to, and my mind was way to active for all of these breathing exercises lol!

As I continued to do it, I noticed that I was slowly able to start switching off more and more each time with each practice; I would go into classes flustered or stressed & leave having forgotten all of the little things that had been stressing me out that day.

My body was becoming stronger, and more flexible. My range of movement had increased. I was able to take my yoga practice home with me and I noticed a big difference in my over all health & wellbeing.

A beautiful friend of mine who is a yoga instructor told me about an amazing yoga teacher-training course in India she had heard about, and as you all know how much I love my travel… I was sold! I was booked in to go and learn all about yoga 8 months later.

After 4 weeks of intensive training, I am a completely different Lisa, from finding yoga boring to wanting to be in down dog all day! I was completely blown away by all the benefits I didn’t know yoga had to offer. Not only am I physically stronger & more flexible then I have EVER BEEN (mind you, I have done a whole heap of weight training, gymnastics, pole dancing in the past). My mind has slowed down dramatically, my focus & concentration is better. I am sleeping more deeply, I hardly have body aches & pains, I am more present… I could go on & on! And not only that, the postures that you practice in yoga have got a significant beneficial effect on your nervous system, digestive system, muscular system & most organs. Spiritually, I feel that a lot of negative or unhealed emotions and energies have cleared from my body, I feel connected, grounded and in love with life!

I am more excited then I have ever been to be able to share this practice with you all. Having been a remedial massage therapist for over 9 years it is clear that I LOVE relaxing people & helping them feel better physically & mentally. My heart is exploding with excitement and gratitude at the opportunity to teach others what I have learnt.

Namaste – the light within me see’s & honours the light within you!

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