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Are you suffering from head aches?

Usually head aches are caused from tension, dehydration, clogged sinuses, stress or imbalanced hormones. This is your body's way of asking you to look after it.

Listen to your body instead of regularly taking harmful, unnatural pain killers that temporarily turn your pain receptors off, making you think you have no pain in certain areas. They do not fix the root cause of your head aches, which is why they keep coming back.

Here are a few tips of what you can do to prevent or heal a head ache.

1. Go for a remedial massage

Massage is an extremely effective way of healing headaches. It not only heals the head ache, but can prevent them from re-occurring by releasing the tension in your shoulders, neck, temples, jaw or wherever it is that the tension head ache is coming from. It also relieves stress, and decreases sleep disturbances reducing the chances of stress related head aches. Contact me for more info on this or to make yourself an appointment.

2. Drink PLENTY of water! Make sure you constantly stay hydrated, regularly sipping water can reduce the severity of head aches & migraines.

3. Burn or diffuse peppermint or lavender essential oils.

These natural oils are very effective & cooling for tension headaches. Use peppermint, eucalyptus rosemary or menthol for sinus headaches, to help clear the sinuses.

4. Make time for daily self massage 10-15 minutes a day to release tension from your neck & temples will definitely help. You can also add a drop or two of the essential oils listed above to a base oil to speed up the process. Don't forget to stretch your neck while you're at it ;)

5. Slow down Are you taking any time out for yourself? Make time to go for a walk and breath in some fresh air, or spend a few minutes a day focusing on your breathing. This will help to calm your mind & relieve stress that causes head aches. Try meditation, there is a lot of info online for beginners, or feel free to ask me for a few tips :)

6. Eat plenty of nutritious foods & exercise I recommend walking outdoors or yoga. Yoga calms the mind relieving stress & stretches out the neck, shoulders & spine helping blood flow to your head more freely.

Some foods that can help with headaches are; watermelon, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, almonds, & bananas.


Hope this helps!

Contact me if you have any questions or for information on future yoga classes.

Lots of love,

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